Are you in love with our heavenly body?

If the world around us inspires you, if you are amazed or intrigued by life, if you care about its future and if would like to know more this may be the blog for you.

Our planet, the Earth, Gaia, Pachamama, Bhuma-Devi, Tonantzin… so many names, so much energy, thought and importance over the course of human history has been dedicated to this heavenly body we all depend on for life. The countless wonders it offers us are breathtaking and mindboggling. The more we delve into its depths the more we are astounded by the intricate and complex workings that enable us and countless other species to survive. And the more we slowly realise the fragility and balance that allows it all to function.

Learning from the master
It is a joy to be able to witness and experience some of the many marvels the Earth displays every day. And the more we do the more we develop a true sense of our place on this planet and within the wider cosmos, for all is connected and entwined. By seeking out the universe’s truths we gain the greatest power we earthlings can attain – knowledge. A deep and powerful knowledge of the very essence of life itself, and perhaps through this we evolve a greater sense of compassion and connection to something far larger than the human sphere we have created.

This is certainly not to say human achievements are not to be admired or encouraged, but the greatest are linked to or mimic that found already in nature. For, thanks to a few billion years’ head start the universe has on us, we would be fools not to learn from the master. After all, an inquisitive child will emulate its parents, its peers, its elders, until such time as it has learnt all it can and perhaps only then can surpass the teacher.

We may have come a long way, in leaps and bounds, from our evolutionary starting point. But we are still far from the level of ability of one of our wisest teachers, mentors and parents – our Earth. This is in no way a bad thing, as it means we still have lots of exciting discoveries to make. However, it also means we must take care in what we do as we do not yet fully understand the implications of our actions.

Connecting and respecting
We also should not think of ourselves as entities outside nature, a strange concept as all creations of the universe are part of nature. Believing ourselves as separate only creates a deep sense of disconnection and loneliness that eats away at us, whether we are aware of it or not. Instead we should revel in the fact we are a part of this amazing, stunning and crazy game of life. It is not always easy, but they say the best things in life are rarely easy and often take time.

What is important is our choices, from the smallest to the largest. From where and what we choose to eat, to the work we dedicate 30, 40, 50 years of our own existence to. It is important your choices make you happy, for happiness is the key to the best of lives. But in these choices we should also consider the wider implications for others; human, other animals, plant and planet. Fostering a greater responsibility for what we do is not the easy path and does take time, but it can also bring us a greater sense of contentment and self-worth.

Hopefully this blog will provide a space for celebrating and displaying some of the many wonders of this world. It will aim to investigate some of the issues impacting the way it works and affecting the myriad life upon it. But it will also offer solutions that we may incorporate into our lives or that are being developed that could result in a brighter future for all. For we always need to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel or within ourselves rather than the darkness.

Do feel free to use this space now and in the future for comment and discussion; to question, to share ideas and to broaden understanding.

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